Local Leaders of Education (LLEs)

Local Leaders of Education (LLEs)

Local Leaders of Education, known as LLEs, were the first system leaders to be accredited by NCTL. They were intended to be school-based experts with some outreach capacity but they were trained in coaching to support their own colleagues. With the advent of SLEs, the accreditation process stopped and it was not clear what would happen to existing LLEs or whether there would be any interest in crediting new ones.

Now things have changed. Since December 2016 the Local Leader of Education designation has been entirely devolved to Teaching School Alliances. This means that TSAs can accredit their own local leaders.

The TSC Eastern Strategy Group has responded by devising a new set of documentation to cover the application process and designation for new LLEs. It is possible that a training package will follow but, in the meanwhile, making use of these documents will ensure that your LLEs have strong regional credibility.

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Other Resources – LLE development and deployment

At the initial meeting of local teaching schools a set of exemplar documents was circulated and discussed. These are now available here. They will need some modification to be used with the new LLE arrangements so feel free to customise them.

Documents from the Cambridge LLE pilot programme

Additional document from Central Bedfordshire

Additional documents from Southend

Additional documents from Norfolk