Teaching School Alliances

If you would like to become a teaching school?

The East of England needs more Teaching Schools and teaching school alliances to deliver the school led system. Does your school have the capacity to support other schools? Do you have teachers who could become specialist leaders of education in key subject areas like mathematics, literacy and in science or who are expert in acting as a SENCO or in dealing with Pupil Premium?

Do you meet the new revised criteria for teaching schools? You need to be rated good by OFSTED, good for leadership and management and have a track record of supporting other schools. Take a look at the revised criteria here.

Following the designation of Cohort 12 in May 2018 there is no immediate schedule for further recruitment of teaching schools but stay in touch with the DFE webpages here.

If You Need Support from a Teaching School?

Teaching Schools are there to offer support at all times, not just when a school gets into difficulties. As headteacher, you often know when something isn’t quite right in a subject area or department and an expert practitioner can help you identify the problem, if there is one, and help you put it right.

Asking for SLE help means you get visited by a teaching colleague with particular expertise in that area and its much cheaper than you think when compared to any sort of commercial organisation intervention.

Also, it is less threatening for any of your staff involved and does not involve any sort of process of complaint. It is just focused help, pure and simple.

So find an East of England TSA today and solve your problems without fuss. Here is the up-to-date list of TSAs in the East of England and North East London- more than you think – and they are waiting to help you.

Evaluating the Work of Teaching Schools

All teaching schools need to find a way to evaluate the work that they do and in 2017 eighteen teaching schools across the region piloted a new peer review model. The model was developed by the Education Development Trust and Maggie Farrar and is already used in the North East and West Midlands so we can be confident about its effectiveness.

The time commitment beyond two introductory meeting is to hold three face-to-face meetings with your triad schools spread across the year and an end of year meeting to share lessons learned. If you would like to take part in the next peer review cohort, contact Mark Lambell here with your name, email address, teaching school name and local authority area.

Teaching Schools Data Hub is Now Closed

This data hub is moving, along with the DFE, to a new data management system in the future. This development will take on board feedback gathered on how well the current system has worked and take account of new requirements under GDPR.

Schools often found the data collection hard to manage and will be pleased that the DFE has postponed the re-opening of the hub until the new online system is in place. In the meantime, schools should continue to collect data on your delivery in your own data management systems, in preparation for reporting on this when required. Undoubtedly. some form of report will be required.